Codename:Like Software FAQs


We continue to develop our program and the services to meet the needs of the software users. We've tried

      to answer the most common questions below, but if you have a specific question that isn't answered then please contact us.

Common Questions:


           1. Is there a Mac Version of the software?

           Ans. As of the moment we have only Windows Based Version, but we will be releasing the Mac version very soon.


           2. If when i buy the Full version, is the accounts already included?

           Ans: No, the Full Version software doesn't have a pre-loaded accounts. 


           3. Where would i buy Facebook accounts?

           There are many Facebook Account Providers on the net, but be careful not all provide the quality of accounts that our software

           needs especially in bulk likings.


           4. What is PVA?

           PVA stands for "phone verified accounts". There are 2 types of Facebook accounts the non PVA and the PVA accounts.


           5. Is it okay if i'll use non PVA accounts in liking?

           Yes it is okay, but due to Facebook strict rules your account will easily get blocked. So we strongly recommmend using PVA

           accounts instead.


           6. How many likes is the software capable of liking?

           Unlimited in a sense that the likes you will garnered is proportional to the number of accounts loaded on the software.


           7. How to make Facebook accounts?

           Non PVA is easily be made. We can provide you a software for this for a FREE TRIAL (although this is not our software).

           But in PVA there is none of the software around makes accounts generated by phone numbers. In our case we meticulously

           made it manually.


           8. Do you provide PVA accounts?

           Yes we do provide PVA accounts which 100% fits with the software needs. All our PVA accounts are made manually and

           meets Facebook standard requirements to bypassed the 30 days blockage, so having our account is risk free! And i think

           we are the cheapest provider of PVA accounts out there. Please contact support for pricing.


           9. Where can we get proxies?

           Well there are lots of software that scrapes public proxies but these are not safe in using with our software as these proxies

           are commonly marked by Facebook already as spam  so it is not safe. We recommend using Private Proxies or a VPN, but this

           is only needed when doing bulk liking. Hundreds of accounts is still safe if you'll use our PVA accounts.


          10. Is there a tutorial or a video in using the software?

          We made our software as user-friendly as it can be and all of the features and operation are very straight forward.

          You can watch the video tutorials in our homepage or simply contact us and we will remotely access your computer

          and we will let you watch over our shoulder  how the software works.


          11. I have Widows 8 operating system installed on my computer, does codename:like supports this OS?

          Windows 8 is a pre-beta released operating system based on the new WinRT platform and is currently monitored on the

          Microsoft Forum to solve the major pains and see what are the quirks and annoyances other users are reporting resulting

          lots of other application incompatibilities issues. Codename:like works best with Windows XP to Windows 7.


          If in any reasons you will still have any problems or questions regarding in the operations and procedures or any thing pertaining

          to the software please don't hesitate to asks. We have 24/7 full support through the following:


          Live Chat

          Skype: Richardbrags

          Or simply email us at



          Best & Warmest Regards,




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